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Spencer  Long

Spencer Long

Associate Vice President | Athlete Transitions

“I provide a listening and empathetic ear to people I value in my life. I am skilled at seeing problems from another person’s perspective no matter their walk of life, and I put in the energy required to ensure that my clients and I understand each other.”

Spencer believes in being open and honest with clients. “I interject my opinions in a way that is suggestive and non-combative, but I am firm and won’t walk around truth. This will help ensure that we are working toward the clients’ best interests at all times and providing the best possible pathway toward pursuing their goals,” says Spencer.

Spencer joined Adalan Private Wealth in the summer of 2021 after a professional career in the National Football League. It was a journey that began back in college. His original aspiration, as a student-athlete at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln pursuing an undergraduate degree in biology, was to apply for medical school. However, going from a walk-on without a scholarship to a full-ride student-athlete with First Team Academic All-American honors, football unexpectedly took Spencer in another direction, leading him to and through a seven-year NFL career.

“Through my achievements in football at the professional level, I was fortunate enough to acquire personal wealth at a relatively young age,” says Spencer. “I was quickly able to see how valuable it was to have a comprehensive, trustworthy advisor on your team to do anything from answering a simple finance question to making sure your financial actions are in line with pursuing your long-term goals.”

Due to Spencer’s own personal experience, he is particularly able to relate to and help young professionals who have worked their way into wealth quicker than the average. “My goal is to help Adalan Private Wealth provide a consistent connection to a successful network built by strong relationships between intelligent and knowledgeable people.”

Spencer is also dedicated to his favorite charitable cause. He works closely with the Team Jack Foundation and various affiliates, contributing through sponsorships at their annual gala and at various fundraising events throughout the year. “This is a pediatric brain cancer foundation that was founded in close relationship with my graduating class at the University of Nebraska during my time there. Since its inception, it has raised close to $8.5 million for pediatric cancer research.”

Spencer is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. He is originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and today lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, with his fiancée, Alexandria. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, snow/water skiing, hiking, golfing and traveling