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Our Process

Our Difference

We take pride in providing you comprehensive, direct answers and executing on the plan we develop together.   You can expect our team to engage with you regularly as we work through the process outlined below.

  • Discover

    Our initial conversations will involve a considerable amount of dialogue to talk through your goals and address any of your fears as we begin developing a strategy that will complement your current position and risk tolerance.  We will gather qualitative and quantitative data from you and share suggestions for your consideration.

  • Review

    Once we have gathered the information necessary to begin your blueprint, we go to work designing a financial strategy that accounts for your unique situation.  We will perform research specific to your needs and objectives to ensure that we lay out a plan that considers all of the crucial components specific to you.  During this step, we will also collaborate with other professional specialists in tax, estate planning, insurance or attorneys as necessary to ensure our plan is comprehensive for you. 

  • Implement

    After we have agreed to a financial plan design that feels right to you, we will put the plan into action.  We will dig in to the specifics of your portfolio by selecting investment options that align with the designed plan.  Your only responsibility will be to notify us of any major life events or other changes that may call for an adjustment to the execution of the plan. 

  • Execute Execute Execute

    Once the plan has been implemented, we will meet with you regularly to check in on the progress of the plan and to discuss any modifications we need to make dependent on changing circumstances.  As a part of our ongoing research as fiduciaries, we will make recommendations throughout the course of the year regarding adjustments that may strengthen your portfolio and/or overall plan.